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     This is a fully built glider that needs only radio installation. Minimum weight of the fuselage and V-tail, the long tail moment and large tail surfaces enhance low speed handling.

Models variants, which were developed, manufactured, and tested in flight.
Item Nr.   name wings (S4083mod foil) fuselage

  Simply the best 1.5

  standard model


A (el),


B (el)

1502     Simply the best 1.5/5   standard model

  Simply the best 1.5   with ailerons

  Simply the best 1.5/5   with ailerons
1505     Simply the best 1.5   with ailerons and flaps

  Simply the best 1.5/5

  with ailerons and flaps

  Simply the best 1.5

  with pipe carbon longeron

  Simply the best 1.5/5   with pipe carbon longeron

  Simply the best 1.8

  standard model


  Simply the best 1.8/5   standard model

  Simply the best 1.8   with ailerons

  Simply the best 1.8/5   with ailerons
1805     Simply the best 1.8   with ailerons and flaps

  Simply the best 1.8/5

  with ailerons and flaps
The wing is a built-up Kevlar sheeted D-box design that utilizes carbon fiber faced balsa ribs and a carbon fiber strip trailing edge. The spars are made of HiTech carbon plates with balsa vertical direction and whipped with kevlar thread. The carbon longerons of special quality provide super strength.The carbon landing edge has minimum weight and maximum srength. All plastic elements of the wing are made with high pressure and temperature of 150C.  The rear section of the wing is covered with Oracover Lite. The wing has three sections connected with joiners. The wings are made extremely accurate, the construction is very strong, rigid and light and the construction will be not damaged by the environmental influence. The construction of the model allows to fly the model for a long time and it will be still as a new one.

The hand-built V-tail is made from contest balsa and laminated with carbon fiber strips, then covered with Oracover Light. The elevators are covered and hinged.The stabiliser has an original joiner and can be easily removed or attached to the fuselage. It is cool for transporation. The model is completed with original carbon horns.



Fuselage A, A (el)

52 g

Fuselage B, B (el)

70 g


16 g


Simply the best 1.5

115 g

Simply the best 1.5/5

120 g

Simply the best 1.8 130 g
Simply the best 1.8/5 135 g



 The fuselage is all Kevlar with carbon fiber reinforcement and gel-coated different colors. The canopy is hand fitted and has a unique built in latch system that is both very light and very easy to use. The place for the finger hole necessary for the cool launch is prepared on the fuselage (it is reinforced with carbon). 


 If you have any questions about this glider, please contact the designer: .